Havin’ Words

Around here, there’s a phrase that denotes an argument. When two (or more) people are in a heated discussion, they can be described as “havin’ words”.

Let me give you a for instance.

Husband (upon coming home from work): I’m lucky I got up this mornin’.

Wife (at the sink rinsing dishes): What seemed to be the problem?

Husband: Well, somebody (looks pointedly at wife) forgot to turn on my alarm clock. Lucky I got up when I did, or I’d have been late.


Husband: Well? Aren’t you going to say something?  Maybe and “I’m sorry, honey”?

Wife: What do I have to be sorry about?

Husband: You almost made me late for work!

Wife: I almost made you late?  I saw that the clock wasn’t on, but I figured you’re grown. If you don’t turn on your alarm and are late for work, that’s your own, stinkin’ fault.

Son (comes in and says to daughter-in-law, who has watched the scene unfold): What’s goin’ on?

Daughter-In-Law: Your mom and dad are havin’ words.

See how this works? Now, that’s just a for instance and may or may not be based on actual events.

Anyway, at our house, we have words.


We have words like this:

because it reminds us to be thankful for our country every time we walk from the house into the garage, and so does this:

And we have words like these to help us avoid havin’ words like the potentially fake scenario above:

(No, I am not an apple fanatic. I’ll be canning apple butter and apple pie filling later this week.)

And this:

And then we have these:

I’m guessing you’ve got those figured out.

We also have some scripture, which is important.

And advertisements for beverages

A reminder to keep the main thing the main thing:

And a job opening here at the hacienda:

Any takers?

3 thoughts on “Havin’ Words

  1. That conversation did happen in my head, but the guilty party was my oldest son…

    I’m glad to hear it was rhetorical….I couldn’t figure out when you’d picked up a daughter in law!


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