Ten Things

For those of you who, like me, are listmakers, a list of things I love about my new home:

1. The local county fair. For $5 the Diva and I can entertain ourselves all day and never deal with a crowd or stand in a line.  Further, there’s no reason to dress up or even put on make-up.

2. Gospel singing at the local McDonald’s every Thursday night. Every person over the age of 90 (plus me) in the entire Tri-County area is there. Again, with the not worrying about dressing up or putting on make-up. Just get a burger and praise the Lord! (More on this later, perhaps.)

3. TSC. For those of you who are not locals, the Tractor Supply Company. They have cookbooks, other bargain books, canning jars, Fall decorations, and sparkly Justin boot hats, of which I have one (not to mention the pink-camo Dodge truck hat…Big Daddy has a hemi, you know, er, I mean his truck does. What were you thinking?). The Diva got her barn guide to sheep there. More on the reason to need that later. And again with the dressing up and make-up. Neither is necessary.

Are you noting a theme with the dress and make-up thing?

Jealousy is not becoming on you. Keep reading.

4. The weather. It’s really Fall, y’all! The leaves are becoming yellow and are prepping for the full show, which they’ll put on later. It’s cool and breezy. The deck’s the place to be, and the view’s delicious.

5. The garbage dump. Do NOT judge me!  Around the corner, is a garbage off-loading station (think large, construction-type dumpsters). It’s the country, right? So, if you want to get rid of your trash, you gotta do it yourself.  Anywho, I love it for two reasons: (1) I can take my trash on my terms…not wait for the trash man, so it never piles up and gets stinky, and (2) there are the coolest, old guys who “work” there. Their job is to stand around and watch me put my trash in the bin and talk to me while I do.  They’re magnificent. Oh, and dressing up and putting on make-up to go to the dump?  Uh, no.

6. Downtown. It’s about four blocks square, contains a post office, library, courthouse, jail, banks, churches and various cafe’s and coffee shops. Ang and Barn are there making sure it’s okay, and Aunt Bea’s over at Walker’s Drug Store.  In the day, it’s semi-busy. At night, it’s uninhabited. To one side of the courthouse, there are more cool, old guys selling what they’ve grown in their gardens out of the back of their trucks. Fried green tomatoes, bell peppers, giant cantaloupes, muscadines, you name it. Even there, there’s no need to get fancied up.

7. Traffic. There’s none. Ever.

8. The stars. You can see them at night.

9. The WalMart. Duh.

Oh, and don’t bother with getting dressed up for that. You’d just be puttin’ on airs.

10. My house. After five weeks, it’s becoming home-y, homie. And in it are the people I love: my Big Daddy and my Diva.

AinW out.


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