The Object of My Affection

While I’ve written many times here about my Big Daddy, my Diva, and others who fill my love tank, I’ve yet to write about the true object of my affection.  To say it’s an “object,” though, might be confusing/inaccurate and, lest I be a stumbling block by telling an untruth, I should confess: it’s really a store.

Interesting since, in my last post, I mentioned the shortage of those here in my current location.

I have never written about this particular store because they don’t have any in my former, city home in Southern California.  While they don’t have any in my small town here, either, I can take a 30ish minute drive to Chattanooga and get to one.  Praise the Lord!

And I’m not just saying that.

I’m really praising the Lord these days because I’m within driving distance of this, sure-to-be-sacred place.

If you’ve never been here, or haven’t been here recently, you have no one but yourself to blame.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to give you somewhat of a pictorial tour of my new home later, but for now, here are a few of the glorious things I’ve (read: Big Daddy’s) bought at Kirkland’s in the last few weeks:

Item #1

Gorgeous, bronze wall sconce.  I got a pair of them for under $20.  Can you say, “Such a deal?”  I know, right?

Here they are, with my favorite Italiano picture, over the couch.

Here they are near the Italian pic, over the couch which holds a soon-to-be-famous guitar player.

Pay no attention to the Diva.

Here’s another sconce I bought:

It’s a sconce bonanza! Somebody stop me…I’m out of control!

Two of these babies, with some Wal-Mart candles and a Wal-Mart chic pseudo-painting do wonders for my entry way.

Love the big, red flowers!

Wait, how did that get in there?  Love, love, love that mirror, but it did not come from the store of my dreams.  It came from Lowe’s. Down the street. Near the Wal-Mart.

This, though…this DID come from the magical place:

Bathroom prints: 20 bucks.  A splash of color in a half bath: priceless.

Here’s something I’ve had time to think about: why do they call a half-bath a half-bath?

I’ve had time to think about it because I haven’t been going to the movies or the mall.

Because there are none.


In the small town.

Anywho, if there are three, major components to a bathroom (tub, sink, toilet), and my half-bath has two of them (sink and toilet), shouldn’t it be a two-thirds bath?  What does that make my master bath, which has a tub, sink, toilet and separate shower?  A one-and-one-third bath?

Somebody help me, please!  I’m so confused…


Don’t forget the lamps from the sacred store:

Cute, and


Go to Kirkland’s:

AinW out.


4 thoughts on “The Object of My Affection

  1. A tub, sink and toilet is a full bath or four piece bath. Shower is counted as one part, then tub, sink and toilet. That makes a sink and toilet a “half” bath! Who knows what they call a bathroom with a bidet, soaking tub and a separate shower with two sinks and a toilet! I don’t expect to have that combo in my lifetime, LOL. Now, off to visit Kirkland’s on-line although I don’t think there are any stores up here in Washington. ) : Tuesday Mornings is where I get my great buys!


  2. C’mon teacher! sink, toilet, tub, shower=4 components
    sink, toilet=2 components.
    4/2= 1/2
    A bathroom with sink, toilet and shower is actually a 3/4 bath.
    Okay now that I wrote this I see Debbie cleared up your confusion as well. Now your really set straight. Come back to California! You can get kirland’s at Costco. Just not as much! We miss you!


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