I’m Still Alive.

Since my last writing, I have lived the life of a nomad. 

Or, rather, my Pappaw says I’m living like a gypsy.  For awhile there, I was homeless, carless, and jobless.

And I’d never been happier.

I have been from San Diego to Chattanooga, to Memphis, back to Chattanooga, back to Memphis, back to Chattanooga, to Asheville (a little summer home we like to call the BILTMORE), back to Chattanooga, and back to Memphis, where I am now. 

What time zone am I in?

As it stands, I now have a car. I also sort of have a home, but I won’t move into it until August 3. You know August: the month of the year when it’s nice and cool and just right for moving.

As for a job, well, here’s the thing: I’m going to homeschool the Diva, which is a full-time job in and of itself. However, needing more of a challenge, I’ll also be taking care of Big Daddy and completing the coursework required for my doctoral program (one year to go!) because that’s fun.

In the time since I’ve written, I’ve redecorated my Mammaw and Pappaw’s house:

Seen the Gaither Vocal Band…third row, baby (David Phelps has the best set of pipes in the biz):

And made these:

All equally important.

I’ve also developed an affinity for this guy, my hero:

He reminds me of the Eagles’ song, Get Over It.


Surprisingly, while I’ve been away from my blog, people have been reading this thing. Who reads this mess?  It’s the musings of the mad, for goodness’ sake!


Yet to do this summer:

  • go on vacation to Myrtle Beach with the fam for a week
  • move into the new house (on a cool, crisp, August day)
  • crank up the homeschooling machine (it runs itself, right?)
  • complete the current doctoral class (the very fun Qualitative Methods of Research)
  • maintain my rigorous TV watching schedule (do NOT judge me!)
  • oh, and find a grocery store, pediatrician, hospital (just in case), dentist, church, et al / no biggie

2010 is a year of change for me.

I’m not very good with change; however, I’m happy to report that I’ve had no anxiety attack, heart attack, or any other kind of attack, besides a severe attack of needing to visit my homegirl,  Gigi. Thank God she has places in both Memphis and Chattanooga, just in case (I’m just sayin’.).

It is what it is. A person can only change so much at once, right?

11 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive.

  1. I sure do miss your posts – laughing out loud at my desk again! My summer is officially over, today is my first day back. Glad to see you are settling in, thanks for sharing……….can’t wait to see more. 🙂


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