Mea Culpa and Alcatraz

So, first, I should apologize.  I have not blogged in a week, and I’m getting complaints from those of you who, for some twisted reason, need a daily dose of sardonic humor to carry on.

Rest assured; it’s coming.

The past week has been a very busy one.  May is now upon us and preparing for it, heck, just thinking about it, makes me want to go to sleep. It’s my preferred escape method.

In the month of May, I will:

  • coordinate 2 weeks of AP testing
  • coordinate senior final exams
  • coordinate baccalaureate
  • coordinate regular final exams
  • coordinate high school graduation
  • pack my entire house and office up for the 2400 mile journey
  • move out of my house
  • complete one doctoral class (PTL it’s not stats…been there, done that.)
  • begin another
  • take the girls to the San Diego Zoo and the beach one last time
  • say goodbye to NG1 and 2
  • send the Diva off to TN for the summer
  • generally try to maintain my sanity

Isn’t Mother’s Day in there somewhere?

Oh, nevermind.

Now, about Alcatraz.  I went there last week.

The Diva’s 4th-grade-class studied California history, and, last week, took a field trip to Sacramento and San Francisco.  The complete photo album is on my Facebook page: Heather Stone Lewis; however, here are some things I took pics of that I thought were funny.

You’ll remember that my definition of funny is somewhat skewed.

No, the Golden Gate bridge is not funny, so you won’t see it here. No, the capitol building is not funny. Not here either. Go to FB to see those.

I apologize in advance for these.

Lost Luggage at the Sacramento Airport

Our Governator's the only CA governor to put his name over his office, marquee-style. Go figure.

Sutter's Fort: people in authentic period costume performing the work of the day. The candle maker: apparently red, acrylic fingernails were en vogue back in the day. Who knew?

1840's, 2010: makes no difference. Dudes like to stand around, watching meat cook and telling everyone how difficult their job is.

Me, in a hard hat, mining. Maybe not funny. Maybe just stupid.

No words. I am grateful, though, that he had his cleavage in. His partner did not.

Indians welcome? At Alcatraz? Are they hurting for business?

Me, riding on the OUTSIDE of a San Franciso Cable Car. I'm out of control!

The Fortune Cookie Factory: for each picture we took, there was a 50 cent charge.

Signage that speaks for itself. Hey, it's San Francisco, and we did see 2 naked men on the street.

At last! Now, if I could get someone to just pray me out of the chocolate purgatory I've been living in...

Now, for the grand finale:

I’m sorry. That’s just all kinds of funny.


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