Something I Detest or These People Need a License to do This

It’s Thursday.

Usually about this time, I’m telling you about the Things I Love.

Because that’s how Things-I-Love Thursday works.

Convenient, huh?

Anywho, today we’re taking the road less travelled, and I’m going to share with you something I absolutely, unequivocably cannot stand.

Here it is…

…and again…

…and once more:

There is no excuse for poor grammar.

Not even the American education system.

Seriously, the poor apostrophe is so misunderstood.  People, listen: there are only two reasons to use an apostrophe. 

1. To form a contraction, such as it’s, which means it is.

2. To show possession, such as Mom’s gun. It’s just an example.

Dear Apostrophe,

There are those among us who know about your proper use. We apologize for those meatheads who don’t. They don’t deserve to know you.



Oh, and how do you like the deserts?  I thought deserts came in Mojave, Sahara, etc.  Apparently, they also come in the Milkshake, Malt, and Frostee variety.

Here’s what I’ve decided: any person wishing to create and/or display signage should be licensed. The licensing process? A GRAMMAR EXAMINATION!

Proctored and graded by me.

Of course.

When I see things like this, I cringe.


The Diva says, “Mom, it says ‘Parent is…’ or ‘Thank is…'”

My 10-year-old gets it.

In fact, she got it when she was yet 9.

Last week.

Perhaps she should open a sign company.

I guess I need representation or something. This seems like a public nuisance.

Calling my alderman,


P.S. If you looked at the pictures and said to yourself, “I don’t see anything wrong!”, please do not let me know. The English teacher in me will grieve.  There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. And I don’t look good in sackcloth.


3 thoughts on “Something I Detest or These People Need a License to do This

  1. Barney Fife: “Itn chicken spelled ‘IN'”
    Andy Taylor: “No. He got it right. ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘c’ and ‘E’ before ‘n’ in chicken.”
    Barney: “Oh yeah. I always forget that rule.”


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