Something I Love

It’s Things-I-Love-Thursday!

Here she is:

Oh, yes, I went there.

After reading my post describing, in detail, my plans to become Wonder Woman, Big Daddy did two things:

1. He bought and had shipped to me the complete first season of the show on DVD.  The Diva and I have watched every episode.

Then acted them out through interpretive dance.

That’s normal, right?

2. He bought me this bracelet and gave it to me when I went to visit him over Easter Break last week.

We have a family tradition. Anytime any of us arrives at an airport in order to visit another of us, both the arriver and the arrivee (?) get a gift.

I got the Wonder Woman bracelet.

Some men would buy diamonds or chocolates or SuperSize diet Cokes for their arriving wives, but not my man.

Big Daddy knows what I really need and want, and he’s not afraid to go to Amazon to get it.  I love that about him.

I wear it with pride, and, every time, I make a connection with somebody by wearing it, and I don’t have to say a word.  That’s the best part…the not having to talk to people part…’cuz I’m a social nightmare.

Plus, it’s empowering.  Whenever somebody’s on my nerves, I can just point my wrist at them. The truth is that nothing happens. Outwardly.  But inside of me, there’s serious power.

Go here and buy one, but only if you can handle the power.


2 thoughts on “Something I Love

    • Funny story.

      So, the boys have been coming on campus wearing “I Love Boobies!” bracelets. While I’m sure it’s a play on the “Save the Ta-Tas!” breast cancer awareness campaign, they are not necessarily appropriate for campus and have been confiscated.

      Since I had a drawerful, I took him one of those.

      Which he loved.


      Then, I had to remind him to take it off before we went to church on Easter Sunday morning.

      Moral: We both got new bracelets out of the deal.


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