A Spot of Tea for My Princess at the Aubrey Rose

So, the Diva’s 10th birthday is fast approaching.

On April 12th, my Diva will turn 10.

Oh, the pain. The agony.

And that was just the C-section.

Each year, at this time, we like to have a little party for her.  She’s a social butterfly.

The antithesis of me.

Two years ago, we had a Hawaiian pool party. We invited about 25 kids and about 35 showed up.  There were kids running/swimming everywhere.  The agoraphobic teacher in me was having anxiety attacks right and left. Big Daddy had to give me two Xanax just to get me through the party.  And that doesn’t even count the socializing I had to do with their mothers!

Last year, Big Daddy and I took her to Disneyland.  Again with the kids running everywhere. Only this time their parents were behind them threatening to beat them.

Have you ever noticed how, at 10am, Disneyland’s the happiest freakin’ place on Earth, but how, by about 3pm, when nobody’s had their nap, the beatings begin.  I just hate to go to the bathroom after about 3:15 really.

Anyway, this year, the Diva wanted a tea party at the Aubrey Rose Tea Room, the quintessential tea room, really.

The party’s not for a few weeks, but the invitations are going out tomorrow to the girls in her class at school.  Since we’ll begin homeschooling in the fall, this may be the last “class” she’s ever in.  She knows she’s moving away from them, to Tennessee, soon, so the party’s kind of a big deal.

Here’s what we did for invitations:

I went online and ordered the cutest, kid-sized tea cups. Then, we filled each one with 4, peppermint (the Diva’s tea of choice) tea bags, and a  million sugar cubes. Their mothers can thank me later.

Look how cutie they are:

Next we took some purple material and wrapped the cups and tied them with yellow ribbon. In the ribbon, we attached the card, the actual invitation itself.

How cute is that?

And inside the blank card, I stuck 2″x4″ clear labels on which I had printed the party information.

I luv me some Target!

If the invitation alone doesn’t prompt them to come to our tea party and bring an expensive gift (that’s what it’s really all about, right?), then I don’t know what will!

I’m thinking we’ll go with the feather boas and tiaras for party favors. At least that’s what I’m gettin’.

5 thoughts on “A Spot of Tea for My Princess at the Aubrey Rose

  1. Adorable, Heather!!! You go girl, your creative juices are flowing – I love stuff like that 🙂 I hope you have a great time……… with feather boas and tiaras how can you not have a great time?!


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