I Wonder (Part Deux)…

Still reeling from the realization that my boss (a dude) is reading about my adventures in womanland. I, therefore, haven’t had time to cook anything, as I’ve been breathing into a paper bag for hours on end.

I did have this little ditty already prepared, though, so enjoy!

…why, when Big Daddy says good night, he’s going to bed, he gets up from the couch, walks to the bedroom, brushes his teeth in our master bath, lays down, and goes right to sleep, but when I say good night, I’m going to bed, I get up from the couch, pick up any dishes/toys/shoes that are in the living room, stop in the kitchen to load/start the dishwasher, take the toys/shoes to their respective rooms. start/fold a load of laundry, remember that lunches need to be made for school tomorrow, make them, wash my face, brush my teeth, apply eye cream (see below), lay out my clothes for tomorrow, put the dog out, check the locks on the doors, check on all three girls, lay down, remember I forgot to set the clock, set the clock, remember I forgot to lay the bacon out for  breakfast, go lay the bacon out, go back to bed, lay down, and…look at the ceiling. My mind is racing.  What’s wrong with this picture? In all fairness, he does get up an hour before me and make breakfast for us each morning.

…why NG1 bought Big Daddy  chocolates for Christmas and bought the Diva a cute, lamb  hat for Christmas, but bought me Korean eye cream. What’s she trying to say?

…why the intellectuals of the world seem to seek employment in the drive-thru lanes of fast food venues?  Shouldn’t they be running Fortune 500 companies or something?

…why I complain that my guy lathers himself with Icy Hot before bed and then miss the smell when he’s out of town. ~Maria, regualar AinW reader/contributor…you can thank her for the Naked Church bit

…if I am the only person in my household who knows how to change out an empty roll of toilet paper for a new one. Are they running game on me?

…how a week/day/month/year can seem like the slowest one I’ve ever encountered and yet seem like it’s flying by all at the same time. Do I have a chemical imbalance?

…why I can’t remember that I left the stove on at home until after I get all the way to work. Something about sitting in my office chair helps me remember everything OUTSIDE of my office.

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