I Love Wal-Mart, And Not For Their Falling Prices

So, it’s Things I Love Thursday.

Normally, at this point, I’d be telling you about my favorite eyebrow razors (and railing about my eyebrow pet peeve), sharing with you about Sandwich Thins (get the honey wheat!), or talking about my relatively new romance with Candle-Lite candles.

Not today.

Not this time.

Today is all about my favorite store: Wal-Mart.

No, I do not love Wal-Mart because of their low, low prices.

No, I do not love Wal-Mart because they support the American worker.

No, I do not love Wal-Mart because, in one, fail fell swoop, I can buy groceries, pick up a new TV, have my tires rotated, get my kids’ school supplies, and get my nails done.


This is why I love the Wal-Mart.

What can I say?  I’m an observer of people.

And though it’s true that the grocery store, the airport, and the mall are all good places for people watching, none of them even comes close to the Wal-Mart.  In fact, there’s a whole website dedicated to the People of Wal-Mart.

Where else can I go and be assured of seeing this…

…or this…

…or this?

Looks like a can of biscuits popped open.

Where else could you see a Ninja, a strong, stealth warrior who moves silently through the night…

and purchase a car with the highest quality headlights?

So, as I was looking through the People of Wal-Mart site, I noticed that you can search for pictures by state.  I was thinking through my upcoming move from California to Tennessee and wondering if there’s a difference between California Wal-Mart People and Tennessee Wal-Mart People.

Then, I developed the following game: play along, if you dare.

Oh, and the winner gets a $25 gift card to…Wal-Mart, of course! (I have final say on who the “winner” is if there’s a tie.)

Here’s the game.  Each of the following People of Wal-Mart pictures is numbered (the number is BELOW the picture).  Comment back and tell me, beside each number, if you think that picture shows People of Wal-Mart from California or Tennessee.

Your comment may look like this:  1. CA  2. TN  3. TN  4. CA, etc.  Note: these are NOT the correct answers!

Ready to play? Here we go..

So, I'm thinking hot pink undies and yellow spandex don't mix. But that's just me. Made you look.


Right, so at some point, like it or not, we must break away from Osh Kosh B' Gosh.


Hoping that's a nude-colored shirt and not just, plain nude.


I like how the dealer's hat offsets the fanny pack.


Three words: clear, acrylic heels. Almost don't even notice the purple wig, do you?


Has anybody seen The Country Bears? Am I the only one that's seen that movie?


Pretty in Pink


This flannel-skirt-boot-tight combo is just perfect for on-the-go.


Hard to tell, in some cases, huh?

You have until 9am on Saturday morning (PST) March 27.

Good luck!

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