Stephanie Plum: The REAL Greatest Bounty Hunter in the World

As an update to my very intellectual review of the Bh.D. program viewable weekly on Dog the Bounty Hunter, I thought I’d let you in on one of my favorite novel series of all time.

(Well, that, and I haven’t had time to read any new books because, after my Wonder Woman post, Big Daddy (the sweetest of all time) had the complete first season of the show (on DVD) delivered to our house, and the Diva and I have been sitting around eating PW’s cinnamon rolls and watching Wonder Woman. No, we haven’t been wearing our underoos.)

Janet Evanovich, after writing several wacky romance novels, scored big with the Stephanie Plum series.  Currently in it’s 19th installment, the series tells the story of Plum, a thirty-something single woman living in her hometown of Chambersburg, NJ.  The characters will crack you up.

There’s Vinnie, Stephanie’s cousin and the bail bondsman for whom Plum works as a bounty hunter (though not a very good one).

Connie, his secretary. Cue NJ stereotypes of big hair and loud, thick, Italian accent. A little busty, too.

Lula, the “file clerk”. Lula’s a rather large, African-American woman who is recovering from her former life as a part of the world’s oldest profession.  She likes donuts and lime-green spandex. ‘Cuz those two things generally go together.

Stephanie’s parents: mom who worries about Stephanie, goes to confession obsessively, irons to calm her nerves and sneaks a nip every now and then, and dad, who’s nearly comatose in front of his television.

Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur who lives with her parents.  G-ma prefers attending wakes (they have the best cookies) and carries a Glock.

Morelli, Stephanie’s on-again/off-again, hot, Italian hunk of a boyfriend.  He’s known her since birth and works as a cop in “the Burg”.

Ranger. Who can describe Ranger? He’s a Latino private investigator who owns his own security business. He’s in competition with Morelli for Plum’s affections and never, ever cracks a smile. Wears only black from head to toe.

Bob. Morelli’s humongous dog. He eats everything!

I heard they’re making this series into a movie. Katherine Heigel’s signed for the lead.  I can’t wait.

If you’re not in the loop, get started with One for the Money, Two for the Dough, and Three to Get Deadly.

Warning: these books will crack you up. Do not read them in a public setting, lest people think you are crazy for laughing aloud while reading.  It does look kind of nuts.

Warning squared: these books deal with criminals and, well, people from New Jersey (which is AWESOME), so there is some foul language (but not any more than in Cheaper By the Dozen…a book typically read in the 7th grade), and innuendos, if you know what I mean (but not even close to the Scarlet Letter). If that offends you, these may not be the books for you.

3 thoughts on “Stephanie Plum: The REAL Greatest Bounty Hunter in the World

  1. This is one of my all time favorite series of books. I read them all in a row 2 summers ago when I was nursing Kyleigh. I was addicted. They are so dang funny. I do not picture Katherine Heigel as Stephanie at all.

    One of the funniest scenes in all the books was when Lula was stuck in the car window and farted enough “gas” out that she fell in the car.

    My husband never read these books, but if I was laughing he was ask me what Stephanie and Lula were doing now.


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