Hearty Hamburgers: Fried Egg Included

These hamburgers are super popular in my house. Big Daddy and I learned about them on a Food Network show (natch!), then we went to Red Robin and ate the Royal Red Robin while on a trip home to Memphis. Since we don’t have any Red Robins near our house, we created our version at home.  If you have Addictive Personality Disorder (and I do!), do NOT eat one of these.

Here’s what you need:

Basically, hamburger fixin’s plus bacon (pig=love) and fried eggs.

I use a pound of ground beef to make four.  I mix the beef with salt, pepper and Worchestershire sauce, make 4 patties and skillet fry them.
One fried egg for each burger
2 slices fried bacon for each burger
1 slice cheese for each burger

Now, layer.

Meat on bottom, then cheese, then bacon, then egg.  Mayo, mustard, ketchup, et all, as you desire.

Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!  And you know you’re curious enough to try it.

My chicks LOVE it!

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