My Life: A Fashion Show

This past week in my Adventure can be summed up with the following fashion show.

The Diva, my 9-year-old, and I went shopping for her some spring/summer clothes yesterday. Today, the fashion show ensued. Please note the reaction of each of my 3 “children” as being a normal representation of my life.

NG2 instigated the show.  As soon as we returned from the mall, she began inquiring as to when the show would begin.  When the Diva was ready, she went to get NG2, who immediately came to the living room to watch with joy and pleasure.

NG1 was bitter and disgruntled from being called out of her room cave for such frivolous purposes. She insisted that she had Calculus to do.  Nonetheless, I told her, the Diva was to show us her clothes and, if NG1 didn’t oooohhh and aaaahhh with sincerity over each outfit…well, let’s just say there was bodily harm threatened.

The Diva came into the living room in each outfit.  She added her own accessories.

But first, she began with an introduction.

We begin with a nice sundress, which, as it turns out, pairs nicely with a cowgirl hat.

NG2 thinks she looks adorable.

NG1 is burying her head in the couch until I clear my throat, at which point, she says, “Cute.”

We continue with a denim short, legging combo, just perfect for playing softball.

NG1 tries to sneak out of the room.  I clear my throat again. She returns to her seat.

Next up?  A summer sundress, which pairs perfectly with the Princess tiara.

NG2 thinks she looks adorable.

NG1 is barely able to hold her head up.

At this point, the Diva returns to her room for a costume change, and I send NG1 to my room to get my coupon keeper. As I figure it, if I can give her purpose (i.e. filing my coupons), then the show will pass less painfully for her.


NG1 sorts coupons and tells her it’s cute without ever looking at her…till I “remind” NG1 to look up.

And now for the Grand Finale:

This outfit goes great with lunch.

That’s funny. All my outfits go great with lunch!

Mission Accomplished:

  • Fashion Show complete
  • Coupons Sorted
  • NG1 off to her cave to do Calculus
  • NG2 and I duly entertained

Note: No children or moms were harmed in the fashion show process.


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