Another Theme

So, here’s a new one. The previous one (Spring Something or other) didn’t get favorable reviews.  Let me know what you think about this one…comment back!

This one’s called DePo Something I Can’t Remember.
Here’re the benefits:

  • The pics are great!
  • It’s not cluttered.

The drawbacks:

  • It jacks with my widgets. I HATE with stuff jacks my widgets up.
  • It looks plain.

6 thoughts on “Another Theme

  1. I’m always a fan of minimalist themes, but I think this one needs a bit more personality to match the adventurous life of Wonder Woman and her gang. If you coudl modify the banner, that may be cool, but I think that’s not an option on this one.


  2. Yea…too plain.

    The green one was very green and fresh…but a little plain for my taste as well.

    But I’m not one that likes plain. Although I do like clean. Make sense?

    I never make sense who am I kidding!

    So how do you like WP? I’m on Blogger and really like it but I’ve heard a couple of more well known bloggers say to go with WP. Seems like it’s a lot more complicated but I don’t really know. I will say that I LOVE..L-O-V-E my background right now and I’m not sure I could part with it. It’s very….me. 🙂


  3. Thanks for asking for input! Not much experience with this but I like simple without being plain and warmth that invites you in. This seems too sterile. Needs to speak to your adventurous nature!


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