I’ve decided to start playing with new themes…you know, the background for this, silly thing.  This one is called Spring Loaded, or some such nonsense.


  • It’s basically green.
  • Green is my favorite color.
  • It’s a straight-line theme.
  • I’m a straight-line kind of person.
  • It has the date of the post in a little conversation bubble in the left side.
  • I live by a calendar.


  • It cuts off my pics on the right side somewhat, though I might can fix that.
  • If I’m not too lazy busy.

Your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Themes

  1. Actually, I think it’s not too bad, especially if you can add some more customization. Does it give you the flexibility to add a custom border? That would add personality. Then, you can customize some text boxes with images or other creative add ons.

    I like the green 🙂


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