Bowling and Texting

So, the girls and I decided to go bowling.

Well, acutally, NG1 asked if I had ever been bowling, to which I responded, “Of course.”

I was bound to return the question.  She noted that she had never been, so I set out to rectify that.  I packed up NG1, NG2, and the Diva/Baby Girl/Precious One in the car and took them over to the Parkway Bowl.

Classy place.

Think seeing a bowling alley through the eyes of an adult-sized person who’s never, ever been in one.

We got our shoes on and we were off.  The Diva went first.  She’s all about the show.

NG2 went second.  She’s pure business.

Then, it was NG1’s turn.  She refused to have her picture taken. Oy.

Then, my husband, Big Daddy, who was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee shopping with his parents, texts me, and the following exchange takes place:

Big Daddy: “My mom is here buying underpants. OMG!”

Me: “Get out of there NOW. Save urself!”

The girls and I get a laugh out of the mental picture we have of Big Daddy standing around in a store while his mom buys underpants.

Then, a little later, this is what we get:

Big Daddy: “I am at the Wal Mart. I just saw a guy wearing eye shadow. Shoot me.”

Me: “R u sure it’s a dude?”

No answer from Big Daddy.  He’s secure enough to wear a pink shirt, but there are some things even he won’t discuss.

NG1 decides to jump in on this one.

She says, “Maybe it’s Captain Jack Sparrow. He wears eye make-up.”

Me: “Seriously? Do you think Captain Jack Sparrow shops at the Wal-Mart in Gatlinburg, Tennessee?”

The girls laugh, and NG1 goes silent.

I can’t make this stuff up. My life is better than the semi-annual sale at Ray’s Golf and Guns.

Real place.

6 thoughts on “Bowling and Texting

  1. I meant to go to Ray’s Golf and Guns While I was there, but didn’t get in. You can get a Taylor Made driver and a Smith and Wesson in the same place. The only thing that would make it more manly is if it also contained a tool and knife outlet. However, there is one of those across the street!


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