Super Sticky = Super Smart

It’s Things I Love Thursday, again!

This week’s installment: Super Sticky Post-It Notes.  They are better than the original because they don’t lose their stickiness, and they come in a million different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Here are a few:

Super Sticky Squares

Super Sticky Little Squares

Super Sticky Big Notepads

Going Green?  Recycled Super Stickies!

Wait! What’s this?  Reusable file folder labels? Shut up! I waste so many file folders because I’m anal retentive enough to throw them away before I’ll use one with that white stuff that’s been pulled off of a non-reusable label. Well, not any more, sister!

This helps me in my quest to convince Big Daddy that I’m actually saving him money by spending it on things like this.  You know what I’m talking about…

And this one; my favorite:

How cute is this? I could use this one to leave cute, little love notes for the Diva or Big Daddy in our house, in the car, in their lunches…the list goes on and on! NG2 might appreciate this too, but NG1 might beat me up over something like this, so we just won’t go there.

Click here and buy a thousand packs!

Breaking the Scripts,

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