I Want to Be Wonder Woman

A few have asked about the Wonder Woman pic I had posted as my image of choice here, on Facebook (Heather Stone Lewis), and on Twitter (AinW).

Here she is. My heroine.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Wonder Woman.  Those blue eyes (mine are brown…the color of poop), that hair with body (mine’s baby fine), the gold, boomerang tiara (if you form aluminum foil into a similar shape and throw it, it does NOT come back), the bracelets, the whole thing.  Just look at her.  She screams strong, American woman.

The best I could do was Wonder Woman underoos…

…which, by the way, do not have superpowers.

When I began this blog and was thinking of a name, I thought of Adventures in Womanland as more closely relating to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland because my life is a little crazy like that. Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Crazy Queen, Rabbit, et all fully included. Plus, the movie’s out now, and it was in my mind.

Then, I began to remember my obsession with Wonder Woman and made the Wonder(ful) connection.

Wonder Woman and I are alike in many ways. Here are a few:

  1. She catches bad guys.  I deal with wayward teenagers on occasion. Same difference.
  2. She is two people in one.  I am both the blogger and the school administrator. (Yes, I spin and change into something magical before I start blogging each day. No, you cannot come over and watch. The  brilliant light would hurt your eyes.)
  3. She cuts to the chase.  Me too. Refer back to reason #1.  Ask any of them. They’ll tell you.
  4. At one time we had what I like to think were very similar outfits (her with hers, and me with the underoos).
  5. Her life is an adventure and, well, so is mine.

You get the picture, right?

Of course, there are some ways we are different.

  1. The aforementioned ocular issue.
  2. The aforementioned bouncy hair.
  3. The aforementioned boomerang tiara.
  4. The aforementioned bracelets.
  5. The not-aforementioned boots. Fat calf issues.
  6. The body.  Well, let’s just say she probably didn’t make and eat doughnuts with her girls this morning.
  7. The gold accents on her boobies.  I haven’t found those to be necessary in my line of work. But if I could…

Anywho.  After the week I’ve had, I’ve decided that probably even Wonder Woman herself couldn’t keep up. Here’s a synopsis:

  • 2 trips to the pediatrician
  • likewise, 2 trips to Walgreens
  • 5 sleepless nights (sick Diva)
  • 4 full work days
  • 1 broken pair of sunglasses
  • 1 trip to the grocery store (UGH!)
  • 13 blog posts (I need a 12-step program.)
  • 1 bombshell dropped to employer, blog friends, et al
  • 1 yard mowing, including 1 poop picking up
  • 2 trips to the Hen Pen (NG2 is tumbling now too)
  • and a partridge in a pear tree

But then again, she could probably do all that and keep the gold on her boobies shiny.


4 thoughts on “I Want to Be Wonder Woman

  1. I wanted to be Wonder Woman too!! I did have a homemade Wonder Woman costume for Halloween when I was a kid- it was pretty cool 🙂 I think all moms are Wonder Women just without the fancy costume and the glamour……… it sure would be fun to have some super powers though!


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