The Eyebrow Razor

Today is Things I Love Thursday, the day of the week where I share with you something I use and love and try to convince you to buy a thousand of them.  Just for fun.  You’ll remember that, yesterday, I posted a blog noting my new schedule and asked for your feedback.  Because nobody has objected (yet), I’m going forward with the plan. You better stop me now if this is the direction we don’t need to go…

Today’s nugget: the eyebrow razor.

Much like hair on the back of Big Daddy’s neck, eyebrows which are out of their area is a pet peeve of mine.  Not that mine are always in their area, mind you, but when they aren’t, I’m more than mildly annoyed.

I have bad dreams of unibrows and those long, antennae-like hairs that grow out of some people’s foreheads. Don’t they know how that looks?

Should I seek treatment for this mental condition?

Don’t answer that.


But I have 3 kids, right? And I work a “few” hours every week (though that’s about to change). And I’m about to move to a place where having one’s eyebrows waxed is a foreign concept (or so I understand). I needed a solution.

This is my solution. Just like a “normal” razor, it can be used to shave those suckers when they get out of control. It’s easy to use, quick, and cheap.  All my favorites.

Plus, Mammoo likes them too. And she’s prettier than I am, so you can trust her advice.

Like anything that’s shaved versus waxed (legs, pits, what-have-you), eyebrows which are shaved will have to be tended to more frequently, but they’re also more neat when they are freshly shaved on an every-other-day basis or so. And it makes me feel better when the people around me walk around with beautifully sculpted eyebrows.

Not that you care, I understand. I’m just sayin’.

The model above is a sleek, black number from Sephora, but they’re $15.  Folks, it’s plastic.  $15? I don’t think so.

Buy these from Amazon.  Three of them for $2.50.  Ahhhhh, right in my price range. Plus, they come in pretty colors. Because that’s important. And the brand name is Tinkle.  Because that’s just funny.

Heck, buy a thousand. Stock up. You never know when there might be an eyebrow crisis.

Oh, does that only happen at my house?  My bad.

AinW out.


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