Organize it. Now.

Here’s a post from a recent find of mine.  Being OCD myself, I just love it!

Everybody needs validation, right?

by Marcia Ramsland, The Organizing Pro

The faster the pace of your life, the more organized you need to be. Excellent personal habits can save you a lot of time and distraction. And good time habits can give you the time you need to get things done. Let’s start with Ten Time Saving Tips for evey day:

1) Make your bed EVERY morning. It only takes 2 minutes to give you 16 hours of order while you carry on your day.  You will be uplifted to come back to a beautiful, restful room at the end of the day.  And your room is 50-70% clean once you do it!

2) Practice the “Two Minute Pickup” every time you leave a room or your desk. That is turn around and quickly put away everything for two minutes. The less you have to put away, the less fragmented your life will be when you return.

3) Learn to love clean counters. Significant amounts of time are saved if keys, glasses, important  papers, shoes, and clutter are neatly put away or tossed.  Work off your planner reminders to return items, not piles of flyers, coupons, and projects sitting out.

4) Cut your work in half by putting things away NOW instead of putting them down to come back to later. One of the biggest time wasters is to say, “I’ll deal with that later.”  (And when would that be?) Put everything away now!

5) Set the pace for your day by arriving early or at least on time at your first event. Have you ever noticed that your arrival time at the first event sets the pace for the rest of your day?

6) Most people go to sleep the same number of hours after dinner, so make sure dinner is early and regular. You’ll save time during the day if you commit yourself to getting enough sleep and waking up rested.

7) Decide if “To Do” items you write down are “Intentions” or “Commitments.” If they are commitments to really get done, assign them a specific calendar day and do them.  If they are intentions, cross them off your list and quit rewriting unreasonably long lists over and over.

8) Write every action on a day, or on a “Master List” under sections titled “To Do,” “To Call,” Errands,” “Work,” “Personal.” Don’t clutter your mind with things to remember. Write them down in your planner.

9) Strive to focus your day’s events on things you enjoy. You will show up for things you like and personally sabotage your time if you have too many stressful things to do.

10) Congratulate yourself every day for the things you do accomplish. If you go through your day activities with a smile and good attitude, you get bonus points!

Here’s the link: . Go on Marcia’s site and buy, like, all of her books.



4 thoughts on “Organize it. Now.

  1. I do most of those things, but my problem is a planner. I always start out so good with one and then I totally forget about it.

    I love reading your blog.


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