Bread: Who can get enough?


My Mom introduced me to these last summer while we were on vacation in Eureka Spring, Arkansas. We were picnicing at a roadside park on the way, in true, Clampett style.  We believe in doing things right.

I thought, “Here we go again with another one of Mom’s crazy low-cal things.  Shoot me now, but not before you pass the white bread,” as I slapped a mosquito off my neck.

But then, I took a bite.

Oh, my goodness!

It was delicious and, even though it was only 100 calories, I didn’t feel like I was missing a thing.

Back then, they only came in the 100% Whole Wheat and Multi-Grain versions. I don’t care for the Multi-Grain, by the way.

However, last week, when I was grocery shopping, I found two of the jewels above: White and Honey Wheat (to die for!).

They are great with egg and cheese for breakfast, and Big Daddy often sends me out the door with one to eat in the car on my way to work (he’s the jewel!).

I’ll eat these even when I’m not on a diet.  That’s saying something right there.

Go out and get you a pack, or three.

AinW out.

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